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17 Aug, 2013

I love my career.  It has always brought me great joy planning financial solutions for clients.

It was only a few weeks ago however that I really was able to understand the value I have to offer you.

About three months ago, a client of mine, Mr K, came in for a consult.  I had been assisting him with financial planning for years.  He was now ready to work on his retirement planning

22 Jul, 2013

You won’t pay for a gym contract if you don’t intend exercising, would you?  Why do so with your life cover?

The insurance industry seems to be in a price war.  Everyone wants to offer you the lowest price.  This often comes at the greater cost of not understanding your need for insurance.  It may also lead to you paying for things you don’t need and therefore paying more than you should.

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05 Jul, 2013


Income protection insurance is fast becoming one of the most sought after policies.  When you take the time to consider its benefits, you will easily understand why.  If this is a new concept to you, please click here to get a general overview of income protection benefits.

If you are looking at starting up an income protection policy, consider these 4 Top Tips:

Income protection


1. Get cover to

23 Jun, 2013
Whilst there is no doubt that you love your little one and would do anything for her/him, sometimes it is not financially possible to do so.  These 5 secrets reveal that you don’t have to put away huge amounts to give your child the best education policy.

Education policy

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09 Jun, 2013

Are you unhappy with the low returns being offered by the bank?

Are you afraid of investing via an insurance company because of fear that you may lose your money?

When investing in a retirement annuity, education policy, savings plan or investment policy, you need to consider the following to help boost your returns.

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