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Life insurance is a cost-effective solution to cover expenses upon your death. 

There is no set age that one should be to take out a life cover.  To determine if you need it, ask yourself, "If I passed away, will my family be able to pay for expenses like food, car or bond repayments, etc?"

If you've answered‚ 'No,' to these questions, you need to have life cover.

In essence, you contribute a small amount and the insurance company will pay out a large sum upon death.  Your family can use this money to:

  • Pay for funeral costs
  • Provide an income that they can survive on
  • Pay off any debts - bond, vehicle finance, etc
  • Paying off any medical costs
  • Cover education cost

We customize the policy based on what is important to you.  We do this by taking into account the amount of cover you want and the premium you want to pay.

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